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Cast your mind back to 2020-21 and lockdown. With unprecedented time on my hands, I became keen to pursue something that I had put off for a while. I had seen mentions in various books and magazine articles of British involvement in the creation of the Saab 900 T16S and I wanted to know more. Now, on the car's 40th anniversary, it's time to tell the full story.

This has been a passion project for me, and I’m delighted to offer the fruits of my labour in this large hardback coffee table book. Part photo album, part story, and part reference book—one thing’s for sure: in true 80’s fashion, it’s unapologetically big (305 x 305mm) and glossy! It actually feels like you are holding a gatefold album (if you are old enough to remember such things). Packed with high-quality photographs, both period and contemporary, previously unseen designer sketches, restored magazine road tests, and, of course, the full story from concept to launch. After the design and prototypes, the book concentrates on the car's challenging launch and life in the UK and also features all the colour and trim options available. Covering the initial flat front model, facelift, saloon, and convertible, but does not cover the Carlsson and Ruby; after all, it’s the body kit that makes a T16S and these two don’t use it. Self-publishing is costly and necessary for such a niche book - and you can’t get more niche than a book about a specific trim level! As such, I'll be printing in small, limited batches throughout this 40th anniversary year if there is sufficient demand. As mentioned before, it’s a coffee table book, and the photographic and print quality were paramount for me. I hope you'll find that it looks like something Saab themselves might have created. For T16S owners, past and present, Saab enthusiasts, or indeed anyone who wants to know more, this book provides a unique insight into the 900 T16S with all the relevant information in one beautifully designed, colourful and glossy place. As an owner myself, I believe the 900 T16S was a true icon. Now you too will find out how special and iconic the car actually is.

As two thirds of the book features the car's life in the UK, I hadn’t intended it to be of interest elsewhere in the world. However, due to demand I have added other shipping destinations. Please contact me if your country isn't yet listed.

Limited stock available now for immediate purchase.

Unique version of ICON for North American markets is now on pre-order. Featuring extra SPG information. This is due for release around mid August.

Digitally offset printed using HP Indigo 7600.
Hardback with 170gsm gloss pages.
Cover size: 305mm x 305mm.
Inside page size: 300 x 300mm.
60 pages plus cover. 8000+ words.
Weight: 0.85kg 
ISBN: 978-1-3999-8161-3

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